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How do you help the community?

We are honored to represent and support our community in positive ways. Let us know how we can help!


What are your hours?   

We are open Monday-Saturday 11 am-6 pm. Sunday hours are 12 pm-5 pm. We are closed on Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day. 


How does a tasting work at Wildcat Creek Winery?   

We happily accept walk-ins in our tasting room. However, reservations may still be made for wine tastings by calling us. You may taste 5 wines for $7.


Am I required to make a reservation?

If there are more than 10 people in your group, you are REQUIRED to make a reservation. If there are fewer than 10 people, no reservation is necessary.  Please contact Kathy Black, our events coordinator, at 765-838-3498.  By phone is the preferred method for making a group reservation.


Are children allowed in your tasting room?  

Yes, children are allowed in our tasting room when accompanied by an adult. We do not allow folks younger than the age of 21 at our tasting bar. There is seating available indoors and outside.  Please make sure children are not left unattended while you are visiting our winery.

Do you serve food and refreshments? 

We have a variety of Fair Oaks Dairy Cheeses & Summer Sausage, crackers, soft drinks, and bottled water. We are proud to carry the much sought-after Purdue Ag Alumni Swiss Cheese! We would be happy to provide plates, knives, and napkins for you to enjoy these snacks on our patio. 


Do you have a serving policy?

While at the winery, a customer may purchase wine by the glass up to one bottle per person. Every winery staff member holds an Indiana ATC Server Training Certificate and will always use personal judgment when serving alcohol.  Anyone showing signs of intoxication will not be served.  Staff members will have total support of the winery management.

EXCEPTION: If a customer is showing any signs of intoxication, it is illegal for you to serve them any wine. Please ask for assistance if needed.

Guests are welcome to enjoy wine by the glass or a bottle to share following the above serving policy. If guests purchase a bottle to consume at the winery, we will open the bottle at the tasting bar. If the guests do not finish their bottle, we are able to re-cork the bottle for them to take home.

Can I bring my own picnic basket? 

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own picnic to the winery.


Do you allow outside liquor (beer, cider, hard alcohol)?

No other alcohol is permitted on the winery property. Our Indiana Farm Winery permit allows us to serve, sell, and distribute our wines only.


Where can I find information on upcoming events? 

Follow our social media pages for the latest winery news!  You can also check out our calendar here to stay up to date. 


Are dogs allowed?

Service dogs are allowed anywhere on our property. We allow all other dogs outside only. Please keep your dog leashed and pick up after your dog before you leave the winery. If a dog's behavior becomes aggressive or nervous, we may ask that they be removed from the property.


Do you accept bus tours?

No, at this time we are not accepting bus tours.  Please contact Kathy Black, our event coordinator, at 765-448-4058 if you have questions.


If I would like to host a private event at the winery, who can I contact? 

Please contact Kathy Black, our event coordinator, at 765-448-4058. Phoning is the preferred method for making a reservation. As a venue, we have chosen not to host wedding ceremonies.


What wines do you currently have in your tasting room? 

We offer a range of dry, semi-dry, and semi-sweet wines. Our wine list changes frequently!


Do you ship wine? 

Yes! We ship wine to Indiana & 40 other states via Vinoshipper! Please check out our online shop to purchase and have our wines shipped directly to your front door.


Who do I contact about a donation to our charity?

The winery has benefited from the amazing support of our local community for many years, and we believe in giving back.  If you are seeking a donation, please call 765-838-3498 for more details.


Additional Questions? 

Email us at or shoot us a message on FB messenger, or call us at 765-448-4058.

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